21" Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps - Black

  • $19.99

  • GET THE IDEAL POSITION FOR YOUR WRISTS AND LIFT HARDER – Create rigidity around your wrists to support them during lifting. Either you are recovering from an injury or aiming to lift with maximum effort, our high performance weight lifting wrist wraps will help you progress rapidly with your training.
  • LOOKING FOR DURABILITY? STOP HERE! – The heavy duty elasticity of these wrist straps will not allow their strength to be compromised. Additionally, they are immune to fraying even after multiple uses over a long period of time.
  • A SMART CHOICE WITH QUALITY THAT STANDS OUT - Made out of a durable and reliable thick nylon material, featuring strong reinforced thumb loops and Velcro closure for a precise and tailor-made fit. They will help you transform your body and enhance your workout performance for more challenging and advanced lifts.
  • NO LENGTH LIMITATIONS – You get 21” of workout wrist wraps that provides you with complete control over the level of support and firmness that you truly need for each exercise. Just wrap it around wrist with a few quick motions, adjust the support to the desired level and enjoy yourself.
  • YOUR IDEAL COMPANION FOR ALL ROUTINES – The combination of the ideal length to use, the phenomenal quality, along with practical feature of the designated right and left hand thumb loops makes them a necessary accessory for bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic weights, CrossFit, Xfit and weightlifting for men and women.

Heavy Duty Black Wrist Wraps, Center Finger Loop, Tribe Rubber Logo,
Size: 21” Length with 5” Velcro.

Tribe Lifting Wrist Wraps for Weight Lifting, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and CrossFit are the ideal weightlifting wraps to use for all your strength and high intense training activities.
By using the right kind of bodybuilding equipment and accessories to support you during your intense work out can be a decisive factor that determines the outcome of your efforts.
Our workout wraps intentionally limit flexibility in the wrist to keep the joint from overextending or bending in a way that may cause pain or re-injury.

Why use Tribe Lifting wrist wraps?

■ They are made out of a durable and reliable thick nylon material, featuring strong reinforced thumb loops and Velcro closure

■ They have unmatched elasticity and are immune to fraying

■ They feature heavy duty, top quality stitching that guarantees longevity

■ They measure 21”, giving you complete control on the level of your desired support

■ Bonus gift - a super practical black drawstring bag


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